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Welcome to studlife – a behind-the-scenes glimpse of life at Tweenhills – from the people who work here.

Redvers' RANT

by David Redvers

08 Jan 2019 | Tweenhills

#1 - Foals rush in

I’ve no idea why my occasional blog on Studlife should have been given the misnomer ‘Rant’? Those that work at Tweenhills will attest I have the most level temperament. There are, however, things I simply cannot understand; issues that seem so mind-b ...


Tweenhills beef logo

09 Jan 2019 | Tweenhills

What's Werner's Beef?

Snapshot of the week @Tweenhills...

Hannah Faber

Staff Profile

Hannah Faber

Stud Hand

Hi Hannah, tell us about yourself… I was born in Dubai but raised in Australia. My father is Geoffrey Faber, Qatar Racing’s Australian Representative. I worked for Matt Cumani, Symond Wilde and Clint Marshall back home, where I also have an ex-racehorse - I’m passionate about horses leading happy lives after racing. So how did you come to work at Tweenhills? I moved to England by myself at 17. I ...

25 Jan 2019 | Tweenhills

Tom King’s Stallion Diary – January 2019

by Tom King

15 Feb 2019 | Tweenhills

Adam's blog

#1 - Talent spotting

Hello, I’m Adam Brookes and I am Racing Analyst and Bloodstock Assistant for David Redvers Bloodstock Ltd – that’s a bit of a mouthful I know! Simply, I’m a racing geek. Essentially my job is to keep on top of racing as much as is possible – as anyon ...
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